and digitalize

your activity

The interactive & connected display

MP44 is an interactive and innovative display with the integration of STORE44, a store of business applications, to meet the needs of businesses.


The interactive and connected display allows you to digitalize your internal processes and save time on your activity !


STORE44 centralizes and simplifies access to business applications that will support you every day


We bring to companies a 100% mobile work tool. Do not move, the display moves to you !


Thanks to STORE44, we secure your business applications and access to the display according to the users !

STORE44 : the first 100% professional app store

STORE44, our store of applications adapted to the format of the interactive display, has been designed to meet the needs of businesses, and thus simplify and centralize access to business applications and software that they can use on a daily basis.

With STORE44, increase the possibilities of the interactive and connected display and boost your customer and employee experience!

We simplify your digitalization

With STORE44, we provide an all-in-one solution that simplifies and centralizes access to your applications for unlimited use.

The first 100% professional giant smartphone

At MP44, we bring you a 100% mobile and multifunctional work tool to support your business in the 100% digital.

Don’t hesitate any more and take it to the next level !

Want to improve your digital experience?