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The interactive and digital display, an innovation designed for professionals

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We support our customers and facilitate their digital and digital transition through an innovative and multi-purpose solution.

A very good way to bring innovation and modernity at our fairs/ forums but also daily! 

Xavier Graf • Regional Delegation Grand-Est EDF

MP44 facilitates your digital transition with the display

In the 5.0 era, technology is evolving exponentially, and companies must face this evolution in order to keep their business moving. To answer this, we bring an innovative solution, the interactive and digital display, which accompanies you in the digitization of your processes and your brand image.

Stay one step ahead, go for MP44.

Our ambassadors use the MP44 and STORE44 display to boost their business.

And they say it !

The "digital swiss knife"


Boost customer experience and improve brand image


Digitization of internal processes and improvement of the employee experience


A "Swiss Army knife" technology that adapts to different services


Innovation at the service of users to meet specific needs

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Un outil simple d’utilisation, pour une expérience digitale accessible à tous


An easy-to-use tool for a digital experience accessible to all


The digital display facilitates your internal exchanges and processes


A digital working tool that adapts and evolves as needed

A technology at the service of companies

MP44 is the combination of advanced hardware technology and an application store to facilitate its daily use!

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STORE44, the 1st application store in the format of a digital display

STORE44 is a 100% professional app store, in the format of an interactive and digital display, which gives you access to business applications that you use daily for the management of your business.

Thanks to STORE44, the interactive and digital display becomes a multi-purpose work tool, and supports you to meet all your needs.

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Animate and boost your communication with your customers and improve internal exchanges between your employees with applications designed for. Make your business attractive and dynamic with MP44 and STORE44!

STORE44 integrated in the digital kiosk accompanies you on a daily basis in your office, whether for video conferencing or to boost your employee meetings.

Find the use that suits you according to your activity and your operating methods. The interactive and digital display adapts to your needs.